ThermVac to Expand Ceramic CVD Equipment Presence in China

2021-01-14 16:30 출처: ThermVac

HWASEONG--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 01월 14일 -- ThermVac Inc., a specialty manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, delivered Tantalum Carbide Chemical Vapor Deposition (TaC CVD) equipment to Company T in Xuzhou Province, China in October 2020, installed and commissioned, and is currently preparing trial production of actual products as of January of 2021.

The TaC CVD furnace delivered this time is equipment that deposits TaC components synthesized by reacting TaCl5 powder vapor and CH4 gas at a maximum temperature of 2400 degrees on the surface of graphite products as a thin film. It consists of a vacuum furnace main body, power supply device, vacuum exhaust device, process gas control device, exhaust gas treatment scrubber, system control panel and utility supply device.

The TaC-coated graphite products produced through this equipment are used in high temperature processes of 2000 degrees or higher, like crucibles required for SiC single crystal growth. This coating has the purpose of preventing contamination due to carbon dust generated from graphite by not damaging the coating film even at ultra-high temperatures of 2000 degrees or higher.

In 2011, ThermVac took its first step in the world of ceramic CVD equipment by performing the localization development project of SiC CVD pilot equipment in the Korean government‘s technology development support project. During the two-year project period, ThermVac successfully carried out the development project while faithfully securing the elemental technology of the CVD equipment. As the demand for SiC coating products such as MOCVD’s susceptor increased thereafter, it has been supplying various CVD equipment to the domestic market by competing with western CVD equipment brands - supplying SiC/HfC/TaC CVD equipment to the R&D Labs such as the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET) or the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) for R&D purpose while supplying SiC/TaC CVD and Pyro carbon CVI to Jeonnam Technopark, KnJ, Daeyang Industry Co., DACC Carbon, and a Korean unit T company of a Japanese carbon manufacturer for production purpose.

Based on its performance in Korea, ThermVac entered the Chinese market, exporting a large SiC CVD equipment with a work zone of 1200Φ*1800H mm to Company A in Jiangsu Province in 2017 and then delivered TaC CVD equipment to Company T in Xuzhou Province this time.

ThermVac is accumulating ceramic CVD process technology of its own through the in-house 2400°C pilot CVD equipment while focusing on the larger market such as China or Japan beyond the small domestic market and plans to expand the supply of CVD equipment by competing with western CVD furnace brands in earnest.

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